Where I Belong / Chapter Two

Bett1Chapter Two


“We need to go to the doctor and get a proper test. I’ll make the appointment for tomorrow. We shouldn’t decide anything until we know the facts. It’s possible you aren’t pregnant, maybe you’re just late,” I said to my sister Libby. “Yea, maybe,” She said and cried some more. “will you sleep in my room tonight,” Libby begged.  “of course,” I said softly to her. “have you eaten?” I questioned. “no,” she chocked. I’ll go make something and bring it up to you.


As I was fixing Libby food my mind was racing. I can’t believe it’s possible that my fourteen year old sister is pregnant. I had only made out with a boy and she could be pregnant? Who I was kidding I should have paid more attention to her dating. This was a much my fault as it was hers.


I usually wasn’t a television watcher but I joined Libby as she watched some ridiculous reality show. We were silent. I didn’t think it was a good time to tell her about my date with Will.


The next day we headed to the doctor. I felt like I was much more nervous this Libby. “We have the results back and you are in fact pregnant Elizabeth. You are in the middle of your second trimester so a bit far along. I’m glad you came in we need you to start on prenatal care immediately,” Said the doctor.


I looked over at Libby who didn’t seem to be shocked at all about hearing this news. “I have made the decision, I do not want to keep the baby,” said Libby to the doctor. “Unfortunately you are to far along in your pregnancy to terminate it. But I will give you information about adoption,” Dr. Smithson began. “I’m sorry, I need to excuse myself.” Libby I’ll be in the lobby whenever you are ready,” I said as I left the room. I was feeling dizzy, and I knew I was about to cry and I didn’t want Libby to see me.


Libby came out thirty minutes later. “the doctor said I need to make another appointment,” she said annoyed. I scheduled the next appointment and then Libby and I went home. We were silent the entire car ride. I parked the car and looked at Libby. “I’ll give you some time to think about this, it’s obviously your decision if you want to keep your child or give it up for adoption,” I said softly.  I headed to my room to get ready for my date with Will.


We went to the diner for dinner. As we were deciding what to do next I heard rude comment that was clearly directed to Will and I.  I looked over to see Brittney Ross, I knew from school that she was good friends with Celeste. So it didn’t come as a surprise to me that she thought I was a ‘downgrade’. I just wouldn’t let the comment bother me. Will and I headed to the local hang out.


We were having a great time playing foosball. “So tell me something about you that nobody knows,” I said to him as I was getting a lot more comfortable with him and I just wanted to know everything about him. “Um, I like science!” He said to me with a chuckle. “No something else!” I shouted over the game. “My real first name isn’t Will. I’m pretty sure more people have forgotten that by now,” He began smoothly. “My full name is Edwin William Lockwood III, Edwin just reminds me of my father so I’ve gone by Will,” “That’s pretty cool,” I said to him and smiled. When Will walked me to my door I was nervous. I thought for sure he was going to kiss me. But he just said he had a wonderful time and hopped we could do it again.


I walked in to find Libby yelling at dad who had obviously passed out in his underwear again. Gross. “He won’t wake up!” She said to me annoyed. “I’ll set an alarm for him, he’ll be fine,” I said to hear. “Why are you all smiley? Where have you been?” she asked rudely. “I was on a date with Will Lockwood!” I said  excitedly. “Seriously?” She questioned with wide eyes. “Yea, and I think I kinda like him,” I whispered.


“Well anyways, I’m glad you home. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I decided I want to keep the baby” she began. “I wanted to get ride of it because I wasn’t sure who the father is, but I don’t care about that anymore. I want something that is just mine,” Libby continued. “Libby a baby is a HUGE responsibility, It’s not just a toy. Things are tight around here with just the three of us. I’m glad you have made a decision but I just want you to know the reality of the situation,” I said to her sternly going into mom mode. “Your going to need to get a part time job, immediately,” I said sitting down.“I’ll ask Mr. Holland if I can pick up more hours at the library. We will need to switch rooms, your room is to small to fit a crib it, we will have to..” “Calm down lady!” Libby shouted at me. “Let’s just take this one step at a time. Tomorrow I’ll tell dad” She said. “sounds good,” I said and looked for my calculator to crunch number. My wonderful date with Will had completely left my mind.


The next day Libby told Dad. He didn’t seem to care that much as long as the child didn’t interfere with his current drinking routine. He refused to take up more hours at work so the expenses would be on Libby and I. A week later she secured part time work as a receptionist. And Will came over to help us rearrange rooms. He was such a sweetheart.


Since our first date Will and I were inseparable.  After practice he would come to the library and work on his homework while I worked. He also spent a lot of time over at my house.


He would always tell me how much his missed me even though we saw each other constantly. But I understood what he meant. I miss him to whenever he wasn’t around.Being with him made me feel, so together. I could tell he felt that way around me as well. I wish everyone around us was as happy about our relationship.


A few weeks after we had been properly dating Marci came into class in a huff. “So you and Will are like official and you didn’t think to tell your best friend!” She said angrily. Honestly with my extra hours at the library, homework, home and will I hadn’t been spending much time with Marci lately. “I’m sorry Marc, things have been a bit hectic in my life lately,” I said. “Whatever!” She said and stormed away moving her things to another desk. Great! I thought to myself, exactly what I need right now.  My day didn’t get much better.


While I was at work Celeste and her crew came in to make my life harder. They made me go on a wild goose chase for a reference guide they didn’t even need. I was annoyed. After that obstacle I went back to my desk and noticed Will wasn’t sitting in the chair close by anymore, his things were there.


So I set off to look for him and then saw him talking to Celeste. She didn’t seem happy. After Will was done talking with her he came up to give me a hug and tell me goodbye. Celeste just stormed by. I didn’t get it, why was she so hung up on him. Will had told me that she had called things off between them and he was glad. Maybe I didn’t have the full story. I was too busy to care.


The next day as we were working out together I asked him about Celeste. “She is just a mean girl Brett, don’t pay any attention to her,” He said in response. “But you said that she ended things right, why is she so upset?” I asked with a heavy breath. “I guess she thought we would get back together, but I told her the other night there was no way that would happen,” Will said.


Things had slowly worked there way into a routine. I was working late every night so dinner was no longer my responsibility. Libby seemed to enjoy her job, though she wasn’t doing very well at school. Dad started drinking more and Will and I were perfect.


It was the weekend and we had gone out with some of Wills friends who didn’t really like me. I was happy to be back home. “Do you mind if I stay over?” he asked me shyly. “I’d love that” I said to him with a smile. Will knew that I wanted to wait and he did as well so I didn’t feel any pressure with him. The next morning Libby woke us up to tell us she was making us breakfast. I thought it was very sweet of her as she didn’t really like to cook.


We all walked down to the kitchen to see the stove on fire! Thankfully I had quick reflexes. I was able to put out the fire in no time. Libby was still yelping when it was out. “Libby, its fine. It’s all out now,” I said to her. But then I realized that wasn’t what she was worked up over.She was going into labor.  Will and I rushed her off the hospital. In no time at all I had a new baby niece. Libby named her Tessa.


A few days later, as soon as we got home Libby placed her in crib and started getting ready. “Libby where do you think you’re going?” I asked her sternly. “There is a party tonight and now I can make it!” She said excitedly. “I really think you should rest, you just had a baby and you need to be here when she wakes up and needs feed and changed,” I said. “I’ll sleep with I’m old!” She said with a giggle. “Besides, you’ll be here to do all that. I gotta go, don’t wait up,” She said and walked out the door.  I looked at little sleeping Tessa and burst into tears.


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