Where I Belong / Chapter Six


Chapter Six


I looked out over the pool area and smile. Will and I were having a fabulous time on our honeymoon. The vineyard was beautiful and we were staying in the nicest suite I had ever stepped foot in. The first morning I woke up as Mrs. Brett Lockwood I was a bit anxious. I couldn’t believe that I had gotten married at sixteen. I didn’t have any regrets, I was happy and in love. But I would be making decisions as a couple for the rest of my life, since I was so use to being an adult I didn’t think I would have issues with it. But I was a bit concerned that Will might. I was letting him sleep in late this morning.


The weather was perfect and we had fun splashing around in the pool. After we were done Will told me he had a surprise for me. Since we had been away he had given me a beautiful bracelet that he said once belonged to his grandmother and a new dress that was very pretty, but more his sisters style then my own. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful so I wore it with a smile.


“I think you’ll really like the gift I got you” he said to me with a smile as we sat by the fire. “Will, you don’t need to get me anything else. You’re spoiling me,” I responded. “I just want you to be happy and know how much I love you,” He whispered. “I am happy with you and no gifts are needed for that,” I replied.  He smiled widely. “I need to go back to Riverview for a few hours today,” Will stated. “Why? What’s Wrong?” I asked concerned. Riverview was three hours away, him going there and back would me I would be alone until late. “I just need to take care of some business that can’t wait,” He said sternly. “Well I can go with you,” “No I really need to go alone, I already booked you a spa day, I’ll be back before you know it,” he exclaimed. “With your gift!”

Will’s POV

I headed back to Riverview to speak with my parents. I still hadn’t told Brett that they had cut me off, and with our honeymoon ending in a few days we were homeless. I had originally planned for us to stay at the one of our families rental properties until we had found the perfect home, but something told me that might not be an option any longer.

Will’s POV


“Are they in a good mood?” I asked my sister nervously. “Not so much, things have been really tense around here,” Giselle responded. “And I’m grounded for a month, so if you could talk to them about that also, I’d appreciate it,” She continued. “I’m really sorry I got you in this, I’ll talk to them don’t worry about it,” I said and walked outside where my dad was waiting.

Will’s POV


“Sit down son,” My father said in a stern voice. I sat down quickly. “I want to start by saying that I’m very disappointed in you,” He began. “I’m sorry dad, I..” I started but was silenced. “Let me continue,” He said. “I have worked very hard to provide a wonderful life for my family. I have given you the best of everything and if this is how you repay me, then you’re on you own,” He said angrily. “Dad, I love her it’s not about you,” I replied adamantly. “That is where you are wrong Edwin, everything you do is a reflection of me,” He started. “Your mother and I have discussed this, you will get this marriage annulled,” He stated. “No I won’t dad, I’m not doing that,” I shouted. “Lower you voice!” My mother exclaimed as she joined us.

Will’s POV


“I’m done with this conversation, when you have come to your senses we will talk. Goodbye son,” He spoke angrily and walked inside. “Mom, I’m not annulling our marriage, you have to understand. I love her and want to be with her forever,” I said sadly. “That is your choice Edwin,” she began. “Mom I’ve asked you a thousand times, please call me Will,” I pleaded. “And I have declined a thousand times, you are Edwin William Lockwood III, there is no Will; You must accept that” She began. “I’m siding with your father on this. That girl is not acceptable, she is not the right kid of wife for you to have. You don’t understand this now because you are young, but this will negatively affect your future,” She stated. “Mom I don’t want to run for office, I’m not even interested in politic, I was to be a pilot!” He exclaimed passionately.

Will’s POV


“Edwin that is silly. You go to all the events with your father, when you were a little boy you told me you wanted to be just like him,” She said with a smile. “Mom, I was five, I didn’t know anything about life,” I spat. “This discussion is over. Only when you annul your marriage will you be welcome back into the family. All your accounts are frozen, we have informed the family about this situation and they will not provide you with any money,” She ended. “Mom please don’t do this, what am I suppose to do,” I begged. “You have made your choice Edwin, I must get ready for dinner – you can let yourself out,”. I sat outside for awhile, then I went and gathered some clothing. I knew now that I had no choice but to tell Brett, I hoped she would understand.


“I just don’t understand what was so important,” I pouted to Will over dinner. I had a good time at the spa yesterday, the massage actually made me tired. I went back to the suite for a shower, and nap and I ended up waking up this morning at 7am, Will still hadn’t made it back from Riverview. “I told you, I had some business to handle,” He said. “There is something I need to tell you,”. I could tell be the expression on his face that it was serious. “My parents have financially cut me off,” He said and put his head down. “I don’t understand, why?” I asked. “They were upset about the marriage, they want me to get it annulled. So they won’t support me any longer,” He replied. “I see,” I said. “When did you find out?” I asked. “After our wedding, I wanted to wait to tell you,” He responded. “That was a bad idea!” I shouted angrily.


“I’m sorry Brett, I thought I could talk to them,” He said. “So what does this mean for us?” I asked nervously. “Well, I rented a place for us, It’s a fixer upper so its cheap. Just need some paint and stuff, shouldn’t be hard. And it’s close to the library,” He announced. “So you made all these decisions without me,” I spat. “when your married you make decisions together, good or bad,” I argued. “I didn’t know how to tell you, I’m sorry,” He said. “Here I took a picture of this place,” He said handing me a photo.


“wow!” I exclaimed. It didn’t at all look nice but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to make it livable. “Well its summer, I can start working full-time at the library and you can get a full time job also. We’ll be fine,” I said sweetly. “I don’t know what I’m going to do about school though, That part I haven’t figured out,” He stated. “We have three months, we will figure it out together,” I smiled. “Oh I almost forgot about your gift, I got you a car!” He smiled. “What, OMG how?” I asked. “Don’t worry about it, just enjoy it. You can drive us home when we go,”.


A few days later Will and I headed home to our new place. It didn’t take long for us to get it cleaned up and livable.

Two Months Later


I was happy to have a place that was just ours. Things were coming along well, and though I knew it was a large adjustment for Will. I had no problems budgeting. Will had gotten a job at the grocery store, It wasn’t his first choice but his lack of experience didn’t really allow for him to do much else.


“Yum” Will said with a smile over breakfast. “So what is your plan for the day?” He asked me. “Work and then I think the pool later with Marci,” I responded. “fun,” he stated. Since we were both working fulltime and at different hours we only saw each other in the morning and before bed. I knew it wouldn’t be this way forever, but I could tell Will was getting tired of it.


Most of the town spent there days at the pool so the library wasn’t that busy.  “excuse me, miss book lady?” a lady yelled into my ear. I hadn’t been feeling well lately and was reading up on my symptoms. I was so engrossed that I didn’t realize she needed me until she was in my ear. “I’m sorry, let me help you” I said jumping to my feet.


“You know what you both need, a party!” Marci yelled from the pool later that afternoon. “I don’t know,” I responded. “Pete and I can help,” she continued, volunteering her boyfriend. “Yea, Brett it will be a good time,” Pete piped up.  “We can do it on Friday!” She exclaimed. Maybe it would cheer Will up. “Ok, Let’s do it” I replied.

Will’s POV


“Hey Celeste, Hi Mrs. Hart,” I said as I walked out of the grocery store. “Hello Edwin, how is your summer going?” Mrs. Hart said nervously. “Really well!” I lied. “That’s good to hear,” She said and looked over at Celeste. Celeste hadn’t even said hello to me and she was standing away and making no attempts at a conversation “Well, Edwin we really should be going,” She said and smiled. I walked to my car. It had been a hard month. Luckily I had found a job, but I hated it. I worked long hours and I barely got a chance to see Brett or my friends. We couldn’t afford to go out to eat or games or anything fun. When I imagined a future marriage with Brett, it didn’t look like this. The worst part was I still didn’t know how I’d be able to pay for school; and I’d have register for classes in a month if I was going to attend in the fall. I hoped something would work out, maybe my parents would come around.


“How has your summer been?” I asked Giselle. “Busy, I’m taking some college prep courses and I have riding and dance,” She went on, I tuned out. It wasn’t that I didn’t think Giselle was interesting, I was to concerned with Bobby. He had come with Giselle and Brittney Ross even though I hadnt invited them. I didn’t want to complain because Will was having a great time, but I was worried at the looks Bobby was sending me. I was also very disappointed that Libby hadn’t shown up. She clearly was still upset at me, when I stopped over to the house last week she had blown me off. I was worried about her, it wasn’t like her to miss a party regardless of the guest list. “You look nice,” Bobby said smoothly as he came up behind me.


“Thanks, Will bought me this dress,” I replied through tight lips. “Well I must say I’m disappointed that I didn’t get an invite tonight,” she said smoothly “You know Giselle and Will are under the impression that we don’t know each other, maybe I should set them straight,”. “No, please don’t ruin Will’s night, I’m sorry I didn’t invite you. I just wasn’t sure if you were in town,” I lied. “Right, well Brett I think we will have to get together again soon,” He said with a wink. “I hear Will spends a lot of time away from the house, you must get lonely,” he continued. “No.. I’m great,” I stumbled. “Right, well I’ll see you soon I’m sure,” He said and walked away. I stood there for awhile, Maybe I would need to tell Will about Bobby and I after all.

The Next Morning


“Grr” I growled as I threw my favorite jeans on the floor. They usually fit me snugly, which I liked but lately they had been getting tighter; Today they wouldn’t even  zip. I examined myself in the mirror, I must have gained weight somewhere. But I didn’t seem to look any different. I put on a skirt and started breakfast.


I decided to skip the waffles and go for a healthy omelet, I reached for the ingredients. The truth was I hadn’t been working out much. I usually went to the gym with Will but because he was always tired from work he never wanted to go anymore. I sprinkled some spices on the omelet. Then I froze, “No, that’s not possible,” I said out loud. It occurred to me there could be another reason for the weight gain. Will and I were always safe, it was a requirement I had especially after Libby’s unplanned pregnancy. My mind jumped back to the afternoon I informed Will that my dad agreed to our marriage, we were so excited that we got carried away. Suddenly I wasn’t feeling so well. I picked up the phone and called Marci to come over.


“That one to?” Marci asked me as I walked out to  our deck with her. “Yep,” I  stated calmly holding the positive test. “Well you are taking this well, you even seem kind of happy,” She responded. I have to admit I was excited, but also very nervous and scared. I looked down at the black writing on the test; ‘pregnant’ it read. I couldn’t wait to tell Will. I decided to tell him during his lunch break; I quickly got started cooking.


“That was delish,” Will said over lunch. The moment was now, I could barely touch my salad over lunch because I was so excited. Will got up to clean the dishes. “I have something to tell you, can you come sit back down,” I asked with a smile. “We’re pregnant!” I exclaimed. I watched the news register on Will’s face. Instead of the smile I was expecting there was a frown. “Are you sure?” He choked. “Yes I took three tests this morning,” I responded, confused. I reached over to give him a hug and he pushed me away. “Why are you upset?” I asked through tears. “This isn’t what I want Brett, this isn’t the way things are suppose to be. We can barely take care of ourselves, and now there is going to be a baby. Maybe everyone is right. We’re too young” He stated and headed for the door. I burst into tears, I was married and pregnant but I had never felt so alone.


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