Where I Belong / Chapter Seven


Chapter 7


Crying I hurried to my car and started driving. Ten minutes later I was banging on the door. Finally Libby emerged. “Are we slumming it today sister?” She asked sarcastically. Not the welcome I was hoping for, I walked past her in a huff and headed to my old room. I realize it wasn’t the best idea to take off after an argument, Will and I were married now; we were obligated to talk things out. The way Will reacted about the pregnancy was unacceptable and I had no intention of sitting around waiting for him to come home.


I opened the door to my room and saw that things had been changed. My bed, computer and all of my things were gone and replaced with kids stuff. It seemed strange that so soon after I had gone it had happened, though Tessa did deserve her own room. I went to the bathroom to clean up my face and then back downstairs.


“I wasn’t trying to be rude, I can tell you’re upset. Sorry” Libby said as I sat down on the couch. “It’s fine,” I responded evenly. “Where is Tessa?” I asked. “With dad and his girlfriend, they have made a nice three person family with her,” Libby scoffed. “I’m sorry to hear that,” I spoke, and I was. “Whatever, If I have learned anything it’s that you cannot depend on anyone but yourself, everyone disappoints you,” She stated. “I don’t think that true” I replied. “Really? Well why are you here? I haven’t seen you since your wedding” Libby asked. “Will and I got into a disagreement over something pretty serious, I didn’t want to be home,” I started. “You haven’t seen me since my wedding because you have been avoiding me. I’ve invited you over several times, when I stop by you are never here. You didn’t even come to my house warming party!” I protested.  All of a sudden I was crying again, this time I was unsure of why. “Calm down, let me make you some tea” Libby said and headed to the kitchen.


In all my life Libby had never made me tea, or anything for that matter. I took it as her way of saying she was sorry. “Thank you,” I said and gave her a hug. “So what is new with you?” I asked. “Started dating a new guy from work, he’s really sweet and older,” She said with raised eyebrows. “How much older?” I asked, instantly going into mom mode. “A few years, what’s the big?” she asked. “It’s just that..” I started but stopped myself. “Well I’m happy for you,” I chocked. We talked more for another hour and then I headed home.

Will’s POV


“No way your winning this one!” I joked to my sister over foosball. After the argument with Brett I headed out for a drink and ran into Giselle. I tried to pretend everything was fine but she could tell something was bothering me.  “It’s just a lot more difficult then I imagined,” I said to her as we sat down. “Well, I’m the same age as Brett. I can’t imagine being married right now. You should give her some credit,” Giselle said, coming to her defense. “It’s like, it doesn’t bother her that we are poor. I feel selfish for being in such a bad mood because I’m working this job I don’t like. And the announcement  today just pushed me over the edge,” I started, getting worked up. “What announcement?” Giselle questioned. “She’s pregnant,” I replied. “How is the even possible, you have only been married for a few months,” My sister said naively. “Oh it’s possible,” I laughed.


“Well what are you going to do?” She asked. “That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” I repsonded. “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got it under control. Come on I’ll drive you home” I said and we headed to the car. “Can you grab my mail?” I asked Giselle as we sat outside of my parents house. “Come in and get it yourself, they aren’t home” She said and walked inside; I followed. “Edwin!” My mother exclaimed when I opened the door. So much for them not being home. “What are you doing here son?” My dad asked. “I was just dropping Giselle off, wanted to pick up some mail is all,” I said nervously. “Uh huh,” my father grumbled. “Am I not allowed to see my sister now?” I asked harshly. “I didn’t say that” He responded. “I take it you have had time to think things over?” My dad questioned. “There is nothing to think over dad, Brett and I are married and we are going to stay that way. If you don’t want to be a part of our family, that is something I cannot control. Have a nice evening,” I announced and headed for the door.


“I’m so sorry,” I said to Brett as I held her. “I didn’t mean to get so upset, I was just surprised. I’m so happy we are starting a family,”.  “But you are right,” She cried. “How are we going to take care of ourselves and the baby?” “I go back to school in a month, I’ll have to go back to part time at the library. And what about school for you? How will  this work?! She shouted. “Calm down, we will figure that out. It’s not good for you to get so upset,” I said soothing her. “Well figure it all out,” – I hoped that we would.


I picked up more hours at the store, to prepare for the baby. College would have to wait, there wouldn’t be a way for us to live if I wasn’t working. I wasn’t excited about it, but  Brett and the baby were more important. I was searching online for a better paying job when I heard a knock at the door. I open it and my jaw dropped. “Come in,” I said anxiously. “Thank you,” She responded politely.  “Can I get you something to drink?” I asked. “No thank you son, I came to talk” She said seriously.  “your sister told me about your situation, I want to help,” she said.


Suddenly I felt a weight lift. “It’s not that simple Edwin, things will have to changed dramatically for you and Brett,” She started. “What do you mean?” I asked.  “Babies are not cheap, Brett will need proper medical attention; you’ll need a larger home and you will need to go to college so you can have a career that can support your family!” She proclaimed. “I understand that mom,” I said. “you’ll have to make some sacrifices,” she said “And so will she,”. “If this is something you are willing to consider your father is willing to speak with you both,” She ended.  “Let me phone Brett, I’m sure that will be fine,” I replied optimistically.

30 minutes later


I fidgeted in my seat. Edwin Sr. made me nervous; I wasn’t convinced help from Will’s parents would be the answer to our problems. But for Will I was willing to listen. “Your in the family or you’re not. We will help you as best we can but you both must make sacrifices. That means no crazy career son, I refuse to pay for aviation school. You don’t want to be a politician fine! chose something reputable,” Edwin Sr. roared. I stared at Will’s face, looking for a shocked reaction; but there wasn’t one. An hour later Edwin Sr. left our home, and It was my hope that I wouldn’t be seeing him anytime soon. All the stipulations for there ‘help’ seemed ridiculous.  I knew Will and I could raise this child on our own. It wouldn’t be easy but it was worth the work.


“Everything looks great,” The doctor said. “Do you have any questions for me?” She asked. Will looked over at me and shrugged. “nope, I don’t think so,” I said with a smile. “Great, I’ll see you in two months. Take this to check out,” She said and handed Will a paper on her way out. I relaxed, it was great to hear that the baby was perfect and healthy. “Great,” Will grumbled as he looked at the bill.


“This is reality Brett, and it’s not just about us,” Will said over lunch. We were having the same discussion we had been having all week. “I just feel like they are using this as an excuse to control us. There rules are so rigid, I just want our marriage and our decisions to be made by us, not your parents!” I exclaimed. “I understand that, but we don’t have much choice. We cant even afford the current bills. I don’t have enough experience to get a better job and you need to finish school,” He said, defeated. “What kind of life do you want our child to have?” He asked.


“What would you do?” I asked Marci at the park a few days later. “Well, he’s right. You have to think about the baby. It’s not just about you or him anymore,” She replied. “Besides, it’s not the worst thing to move to a huge house and have an endless income,” She joked. “But it comes with so much,” I started. “His mother already made it clear to me that I’d have to quit work and join the Riverview Roses,” I complained. “That snotty group, gross!” Marci stated. “I know,” I said, making a face. The Riverview Roses was a mother-daughter group that was suppose to be about community involvement, but instead just threw lots of really expensive charity events. Bunny Lockwood was the president. “I think you know what you have to do, just don’t go off and become best friends with Celeste Hart!” Marci Joked. “That will be the day,” I replied.


“You okay in there?” Will yelled. I pushed myself off the floor and looked around for my toothbrush. “I’m fine!” I yelled back. Until recently I had no complaints about the pregnancy. I barely got sick and wasn’t tired. Other then the food cravings and weight gain I could forget I was pregnant. But morning sickness made it very real. I knew the sickness was natural but I was anxiously awaiting the next check up to make sure. Unfortunately we hadn’t paid the bill from the previous doctor’s visit.


“I think you’re right, I do want a good life for our child,” I said coming out of the bathroom. “You should be able to go to college and have a career,” I continued. “Are you sure? It’s not just a house and school Brett, It’s a different life,” Will reiterated.  “Yes, I’m sure,” I responded “It will be fine, I can handle it”.


A couple of months later Will and I moved into the house across the street from his parents; It was beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to find out the sex of the baby so I could get started decorating the nursery. Will decided to pursue business and would start attending classes at the local college in a few weeks. Things were good, except for Bunny and her demands.


“You’ll need a nice dress for that event, and some school things..” Bunny rambled at the mall the next week. “I just want you to have some suitable things,” She said and eyed my jeans and top. I rolled my eyes. I complained to Will several times about how pushy I thought she was. But he always defended her and said she was trying to help. I finally gave up, I found it was a lot simpler to just go along with what she wanted. I didn’t have a mother growing up, maybe this was how they were.


“Very cute! You can barely see your little bump in that sweater!” She said excitedly. “We will take this one also,” She yelled to the sales clerk. I was getting tired of shopping. “Giselle was kind enough to put together a welcome party for you and Edwin,” Bunny started “So you’ll need to get a nice dress for that as well, some of our family friends will bet there also,” She smiled. “Great!” I faked, with a plastic smile.


“You feeling okay this morning?” Will said and rubbed my tummy. “Yep, just a little nauseous,” I replied and cuddled up to him. “I should get moving, your sister wants me to meet her and some of her friends for a picnic,” I said. “Oh, well that sounds fun,” Will grinned.  An overbearing mother-in-law didn’t seem so bad, if it meant I got to be with the love of my life.


I walked out to the picnic area and stopped, there was Celeste Hart. It seemed like I couldn’t escape her. She lived down the street, was a part of the Riverview Roses and also was Giselle’s best friend. When we were around people she put on a fake charade; but she always gave me dirty looks and I heard her saying mean things about me to Mary Kay during an event a few days earlier. I put on a big smile and kept walking to the picnic table. “I’m looking forward to your party,” Anne Marie Shallow said as I sat down. “Yea, it seems like it will be a good time,” her sister Mary Kay added sarcastically. “Don’t be mean I’ve worked hard on this!” Giselle piped in. “Thank you for that,” I said warmly to her. “Did you need any help?” I asked. “Nope, I’ve taken care of all of it. You just relax,” She said with a wink. Will and I had yet to tell anyone other then family about my pregnancy. Giselle seemed to be the most excited.


“This is a very lovely home you have,” Mrs. Hart said to me at the party the next week. “Thank you, we are still getting settled,” I said with a smile. I wasn’t use to being around adults and it was clear to me that Will’s world was filled with affairs like this. “So when are you due?” I asked her, referring to her pregnancy. “any day now,” She laughed. I talked to her about her pregnancy for a while longer. The party was a bit boring, I couldn’t wait for Marci to show up so I could relax.


“You did invite Marci didn’t you?” I asked Giselle a couple hours later. “I’m sorry Brett, I didn’t,” She responded nervously. I heard Celeste chuckle. “Why not?” I asked confused. “Mom didn’t think it would be appropriate,” She said as she pulled me away from Celeste. “I’m sorry, it’s just how these things go. You’ll get use to it,” Libby hadn’t shown up either, at first I thought it was because she didn’t want to come but something told me she wasn’t invited either. An hour later I faked a headache and went upstairs to lay down.


“I just don’t understand why my friends and family weren’t invited,” I said to Will over breakfast the next morning. “Come on Brett, parties like that are no fun anyway. Do you really think Marci or you dad would have had a good time?” He asked. “Well no, they probably wouldn’t have. But that not the point,” I started. “What is?” He asked looking annoyed. “Uh, never mind; it’s not that big of a deal,” I fibbed.


“Hey stranger!” I shouted to Marci. “I can’t believe you live her, this place needs its own zip code,” She commented. “Where is your suit?” I asked. “underneath,” she responded. “This is quite the set up,” She said referring to the tables that hadn’t been taken in from the party. “Yea those haven’t been taken in yet,” I responded. “From what?” She asked. “Oh, Giselle had some people over here yesterday, in a group,” I stumbled. “Like a party?” Marci spat. “Yea, like a party but it wasn’t very fun,” I responded. “I guess my invite got lost in the mail,” She said angrily. “I didn’t put together the guest list honestly, I didn’t even know that you weren’t invited until late in the party,” I replied.  “And why wasn’t I invited to my best friends party?” She asked harshly. “Will’s mom thought it would be best if..” I started. “Seriously Brett!,” Marci said cutting me off. “Your going to blame his mom! Have a backbone. I guess I just don’t fit in with your new perfect life,” She shouted. “I didn’t say that!” I replied defensively.


“It’s bad enough that your hanging out with the snob squad all the time, but now you don’t even invite me to your party!” She yelled. “I think It would be best if I made it easy for you, let’s forget about being friends. I don’t fit into your new world and until you realize you don’t either, we have nothing in common,” she said and walked away. I was shocked. We had gotten into a few squabbles before but she’d never said she didn’t want to be my friend. I went swimming alone, I’m sure she’d change her mind.

A few months later


“Ok open your eyes” I directed Will. “It’s a boy!” he exclaimed excitedly. “Yep” I beamed. I had found out a couple of weeks earlier and excitedly decorated the nursery. The room was perfect, school was going well for both Will and I and I couldn’t wait for the baby to get here.  “I can’t wait for him to get here” Will said, reading my mind.  “Edwin the fourth” Will declared with a smile. “Seriously?!” I shouted with a sour face. “Yes of course Brett, it’s a family tradition. Every first born son,” He explained. “I suppose I can’t stop tradition, but I get to pick his middle name,” I responded. “That seems fair,” He said and gave me a kiss.


“Congratulations,” Mary Kay Shallow said to me the next day after class. “Excuse me?” I questioned. I hadn’t told her I was pregnant and I had been doing my best to hide my bump. I thought I was passing. “On the baby, I heard from Marci. Congrats!” She said with a smile. “Oh thank you,” I whispered. Will and I had still only shared the pregnancy with a small group of people. I wasn’t embarrassed of the being pregnant, I just didn’t want anyone to treat me differently. When you’re caring a child you get a lot of attention from everyone, even strangers. The baby would be here soon so I wouldn’t have to worry about it much longer. Marci refused to speak with me, It seemed very strange that she was talking to Mary Kay, they didn’t know each other.  I decided to stop waiting for her to speak to me.


I found her out front with Pete. “Marci, Can I speak with you for a minute?” I asked politely. Her face turned to a frown, “What do you want?” She asked. “I thought we could talk, maybe get something to eat?” I asked. “No Brett, I think we have already said all we needed to one another. We are not friends,” She said coldly. “But Marci,” I pleaded and suddenly I was crying. Another perk or being pregnant, being over emotional. Marci softened “Look, it wasn’t going to work out,” she stated. “But,” I started. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain. Everything went black.


When I came to I was in a strange bed. My eyes traveled around the room, I was in the hospital. “Brett, Oh sweetheart,” I looked up to see Will. Then I looked down at my stomach. Suddenly I felt sick, “Where is he?” I demanded. “Calm down, There have been some complications,” Will stated. I looked closely at his eyes, they were bloodshot. “Oh no, what’s wrong?” I begged. “I’ll go get the doctor,” He replied.


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