Where I Belong / Chapter One



Chapter One 


“Is it almost ready?” yelled Libby from the front room. “Just a few more minutes,” Brett replied to her sister. She was making the family meal as always while her father and sister sat watching television until it was done.


This was a task I was use to by now. She had been taking care of her father and sister since she was ten years old. Libby was only two years younger then Brett, but she never helped out. Their mother had walked out on their family six years ago, Libby was just eight then and she took it very hard. Since Brett was the oldest she jumped into the roll of mom. Sometimes she wished she hadn’t.  But now she really didn’t have a choice.


Since my mother left my father starting drinking nonstop. He spent all of his time at work or home drinking and passing out. Because he was always drunk he would forget to pay bills and they had gotten things repossed or turned off several times. Naturally; I starting doing the family bookkeeping. With my fathers small salary I felt guilty asking for anything extra. So I began working part time at the library after school. And that is my life, I am only sixteen but I have a part time job, a house and two people to care for.


I finished dinner and called my father and sister to the table. “Got any fun plans this weekend?” Libby asked me “Just working, homework, laundry and some grocery shopping,” I replied. “oh what fun!” Libby said with a snort. “Well I will be going out with Todd Hamilton this weekend!” She said excitedly. “Libby, I’ve told you more then once, no dating senior guys! He is too old for you and he has a reputation” I said to her sternly. “A reputation for being awesome,” She responded with a smile.  “Your just jealous,” she teased and got up to clean her dishes.


I finished my homework and got ready for bed. I knew Libby was joking about me being jealous of her date. But it still hurt my feelings. The truth was, I’d love to go out on dates and to parties and be carefree like her. Maybe I was jealous.


I woke up with start and got dad and Libby up for school and work. Now that I had car I could sleep a little bit later in the morning. Although it wasn’t a show piece I was proud of being able to buy my own car. Since dad was no longer able to drive due to traffic violations it really came in handy.


At school my best friend Marci gushed about how she thought Will Lockwood had been staring at her that morning. I tuned out, as Marci thought every guy like her and if I showed any interest she would never shut up. I focused on my schoolwork. I was a good student and I planned to keep it that way.


After school I headed to the library to work. It didn’t take long for the place to fill up. The popularity of the library was not because all the teens in Riverview loved reading. It was because the librarian Mr. Holland was half deaf and blind and spent most of his time sleeping in the backroom or chatting online to his internet girlfriend. That paired with the comfy sofas made the library an easy place for kids to hook up. I was use to all the chaos by now.


Libby would stop by to ‘work on homework’ sometimes. Really this was an excuse for her to flirt with guys. But of course she thought I was too naive to know what she was up to.


The crowed had thinned out as it was getting late and I was just finishing putting away from books when I heard a guys voice say my name. I turned around and there was Will Lockwood. “anything I can help you with?” I asked.


“Actually I think you are just the girl to help me,” Will said with a wink. Is this guy serious? I thought to myself. “excuse me?” I responded. “Why don’t I wait for you to finish up here and we can go for a drive,” he stated. “Is this some kind of prank? I’m really busy so if you don’t need anything I’m going to go back to work.,” I said in an annoyed tone.


“seriously,” he responded “your giving up the chance to hang out with all this!” he said posing. I started laughing. “afraid so!” I said and went back to putting books away. The truth was, I was not naive. The most wanted guy in high school didn’t just decide to ask me out for no reason. Libby did have a bit of a reputation around school for being easy, maybe he thought I was as well.


When I got home from work dad was already passed out on the couch. I set an alarm for him and headed to bed.


The next day and school went by quickly. We got assigned partners for our science project and started working on them in class. I hated science and wasn’t looking forward to this project. I was paired with Bobby Quinn, he was a popular jock and not really known for being a good student. What luck I had. I made arrangements to meet up with Bobby over the weekend to continue on the project. At work that afternoon I zoned off. It was Friday so the library wasn’t very busy which was nice.  I got some homework done and then starting putting books away.  I turned around and was surprised to see Will Lockwood again.


“Hey Brett,” He said. “Oh hi, need help?,” I asked. “No, actually I just stopped by to apologize for being so forward yesterday. I’ve liked you for awhile and haven’t known how to approach you. I guess I didn’t pick the right way,” He said with a small laugh. I noticed how cute he was when he smiled. But I didn’t know what to say. “Oh, no problem,” I said nervously. What does that even mean? “Anyways, I made Bobby switch me partners so I’ll be seeing you tomorrow afternoon to work on science. Here is my address,” he said handing me a piece of paper. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” He said with a big smile. I watched as he walked away. Wait, what just happened?


When I got home I headed straight to my room. I was surprised to see Libby there, she was chatting on my computer. “What happened to Todd Hamilton?” I questioned. “He say me making out with Bobby Quinn yesterday so he stood me up,” She said flatly. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I said in a soft tone. “It’s whatever, there are lots of boys! I cant be with just one,” She replied. “Right, speaking of boys,” I began.


“What do you know about Will Lockwood?” I asked. “I know he is a rich dream boat who just ending things with Celeste Hart,” She said excitedly. “Why did he ask about me?” She questioned. “No,” I said feeling badly. “He’s my science partner is all,” I responded. Leaving out that he asked me out and said he liked me.  “ohhhh, well no offense Brett, but if you are going to start dating you might want to like someone more in your league,” She said nicely.  “I don’t like him!” I shouted defensively. “Right,” She responded and headed off to her room.


The next day I headed over to Wills house. Or mansion rather, the place was enormous. He opened the door and looked really excited to see me. We worked on science for a bit. He was actually really smart and had a lot of good ideas. Then he asked if I wanted to go get some lunch.


I guess I expected to just go to a fast food restaurant but we ate outside at a nice bistro. “so tell me a little more about yourself,” He said to me with a smile. “what do you want to know?” I asked nervously. “Well first off, how did you get the name Brett? Its different,” Will asked. “It’s my grandfathers name on my moms side, they thought I was going to be a boy and when I wasn’t they still kept the name,” I said shyly. “Oh, well I really like it,” He said looking into my eyes. “Lets take a walk through the park and then we can go back to science,” He suggested. “Sounds good” I responded.


It was a nice day out. We walked along and quietly and then he reached for my hand. I was unsure, but I let him hold it. “I’m really glad I get to spend time with you,” He said softly. “Me too,” I replied. And I was glad.


Then we kissed and it was phenomenal. Then we headed back to his house to work on the project.As he was walking me to the door he paused. “I would very much like to take you on a date,” he said shyly. “How do you feel about that?” He asked. “I’d like that,” I said as my heart raced.


I raced home, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to tell Libby. When I walked in I only saw dad having a drink. He was still in his work clothes from yesterday. “Dad is Libby here?” I asked. “She’s upstairs in her room, something is wrong with her, I don’t know about you kids,” He said with a slur. I ran upstairs. I could hear Libby crying through the door. I walked in.


“Libby what is the matter?” I asked in a worried tone. “Nothing!” She shouted as she began to straighten herself up. “I’m not stupid Lib, I heard you crying. What is the matter?” I demanded.She got up from her bed.  “I think I’m pregnant,” She said. I froze. Then she started crying again.“Libby, its okay; it’s all going to be okay. Don’t cry,” I said soothingly as I pulled her into a hug. “Don’t worry, we will get through this,”. But I wasn’t sure we would.