Where I Belong / Chapter Five


Chapter 5


I walked up to Will nervously. I wanted to apologize to him, to tell him how I was sorry I didn’t even give him a chance to explain. I wanted to tell him I missed him. But as soon as I laid eyes on him my mind went blank. He seemed nervous. As well. “Will..” I started. But he stopped me. “Brett, thank you for coming. I was so nervous waiting here, I thought you wouldn’t show. You look beautiful,” He began. “Thank you,” I said and gave him a hug.


“I brought you here for a specific reason. I love you Brett, I want to spend everyday of my life telling you how much you mean to me. I know the past few months between us haven’t been perfect but I can explain that. I want to be with you forever. There is nobody else for me. Will you marry me?” Will asked. All the air in my body seemed to vacate with that question. My mind went blank. And before I could think of what this would really mean. I heard “Yes, absolutely, yes,” escape from my mouth.


“Ohmigosh, is there real?” I questioned will as I looked at the ring. It was beautiful. Exactly the type of ring I always imagined. He knew me so well. “Yes, this is real and this is forever,” He whispered in my ear before giving me a kiss. “Let’s take a walk so I can tell you what has been going on,” Will pronounced and grabbed my hand. We walked hand in hand just as we did on our very first date.


Before long we were back at Will’s house sitting in the library. “I’ve already working it all out so you don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll talk to you dad and get his permission and then we can get married very soon” He started.  Things were moving fast, the old Brett would have taken more time to think about all of this. But I shut my rationale side up, I would follow my heart. “We can get a nice place in town, And while you finish high school I can enroll In the aviation program at SV University. It’s perfect!” Will said excitedly. “It sounds wonderful,” I said as I snuggled up to him.


“I take it she said yes!” Giselle Lockwood exclaimed as she walked in to the library and sat down.  I nodded my head and smiled. “Giselle helped me get this all together,” Will stated. “your such a good sister, it was perfect” I declared. “No problem. Welcome to the family,” She said with a smile.  “I can help you with the wedding planning as well,” She began “I’ve learned a lot about event planning from mother,” She continued. “Will she be helping?” I asked.  Giselle and Will fell silent. “I think it would be best if we told my parents after we got married,” Will stated calmly.  “Um.. okay,” I uttered. I didn’t know why he wanted to wait, but it could have something to do with all the pressure they have been putting on him about college. Maybe it was best I stayed out of it.

Will’s Point Of View


“Are you sure about this Will? Maybe you should tell them,” Giselle whispered as soon as Brett left for the bathroom. “No, this is best. After we are married they our parents will have to accept her. I’ve already started getting money in for my graduation and I have Great Aunt Pearls trust that I can access in a week to pay for the wedding myself. It will all be good. Trust me” I said. “Yea, your probably right. I’m so excited to start planning!,” Giselle shouted and gave me a hug. It was all going to be perfect.


Will wanted to ask my dad right away. But I told him it would be best to wait until after his birthday. Things slowly returned to somewhat normal. With the end of school near the Library was busy. I decided to wait to tell anyone about being engaged. I wanted some time to sit with it and make sure it was right. But I decided to follow my heart long ago and I knew I wasn’t going to change my mind. I decided the first person I should tell was Marci.


She had recently started seeing a new guy so we weren’t spending as much time together. I finally got her over to my house the night before Will’s birthday party.  “what’s with the hair? I asked Marci. “I thought I’d try something new,” She said and winked. “So what is this big news you have to tell me? I need to meet Pete for a date soon,” She continued. “I’m engaged!” I shouted. I pulled my ring out of my pocket and put it on my hand. “Look!” I continued. “Wow, that’s a huge rock!” Marci shouted. “Congratulations, I can’t believe this,” She stated. “I know, it’s amazing! Will has great taste though doesn’t he?” I raised as I looked at the ring again. “Amazing taste!” She yelled.


“So honestly what do you  think? I know it’s kind of crazy and we are so young. Tell me what you think really,” I begged.  “Honestly Brett, I’m happy you are finally doing something for yourself. Will is a great guy, and he loves you. I’m for it,” She said and gave me a hug.  “I have so many ideas for your dress!” Marci squeaked. And the planning really began.


“Did you like your gift?” I asked Will later that night. “Yep, its awesome,” He said referring to the vintage compass I got him. “You’re a hard person to shop for. What do you get the boy who has everything,” I started. “I figured if you had a compass you would always know how to get home, no matter where you fly to,”.


“You’re adorable,” Will said as he cuddled up to me. “ I have another gift for you,” I whispered with a wink. “I thought you wanted to wait?” He stated. “We did,” I said and gave him a sweet kiss.

The next morning

“I better get going. I’m meeting you dad for lunch. I don’t want to be late,” Will began “I’ll call you after I talk to him,” He ended. I was nervous. Today was the day Will was going to ask my dad and I was worried he would say no. Things with dad had been tense lately. There just wasn’t room in our house for two parents. I admit I do like not having as much responsibility around the house, but I didn’t take dad seriously when he tried to discipline me.


He was still sober, and went to weekly meetings. He recently started dating and seemed to be in a good mood all the time. I hoped that would work in my favor. He still spent a lot of time caring for Tessa. Which is good because Libby was always out. She said she was working, but I had a hard time believing that. I felt like she was up to something. Maybe if I shared a secret with her she would share one with me.


“Hey Libs,” I uttered as I walked into her room. “Whats up?” She asked in annoyance. “Nothing, I was just seeing what you were up to,” I began. “I was actually on my way out, do you know where dad is. I need him to watch Tessa,” said Libby. “He went out, but I can watch her for a bit,” I continued. “Thanks, are you sure you didn’t want anything else. You look kinda strange,” Libby announced.


“Well actually, there is something I want to tell you. It’s a secret so you can’t tell anyone yet. But… Will asked me to marry him, and I said yes!” I shouted with excitement. Libby’s face went blank. “Are you serious?” She asked, in a tone that was very far from excited. “Yes, I’m serious,” I said angrily. “I think that’s the stupidest plan you have had yet,” Libby said and walked out of the room.


I wasn’t expecting her to be overjoyed. But it seemed mean to me that she was such a jerk about it. My whole life had been about taking care of Libby. Cooking, cleaning, paying bills and working; all of it was for her. I barely remember my childhood and I’m certain it was in part due to the fact that I had to grow up so fast. I looked down at Tessa playing; she was growing up so fast. It was good that I was going to be moving out. She would be getting older and need her own space. And when I was married I’d be able to provide for her more.


I was working on writing a paper later when I got an instant message from the screename BobbyQ. Great, I thought to myself. I hadn’t thought about Bobby since the night we hung out. I’d seen him at school but he barely said hi to me. I wonder what he wanted.

BobbyQ: So you and Will are back in full effect I see

Brettsavestheday: Yea, things are great.

BobbyQ: To bad, I thought we could hang out again. Last time was a lot of fun!

Brettsavestheday: I gotta go ttyl

I had enough to worry about without adding Bobby Quinn to it.

Wills Point of View


Well that didn’t go as I thought it would. But he didn’t say no, so there was hope. Will thought to himself as he walked to his car. “Will wait up!” yelled a girls voice. He looked back to see Celeste. “Happy belated birthday!” She shouted. “Um.. thanks,” I said. “Did you get my gift? I didn’t know if you were having a party so I just dropped it off,” She continued with a smile. “Yea, thanks,” I lied. I had only opened Brett’s gift so far, I hadn’t gotten to the others. “so are you having a party? My invitation must be lost,” Celeste inquired. “I did have one, just a small one. I thought it was best if you not come,” I said. I watched her smile turn to a frown as she bent her head down.

Will’s Point Of View


“Why is that?” She questioned angrily. “Because I’m with Brett, She is my girlfiend and she is who I’m going to be with forever,” I started. “Forever? You don’t know that,” Celeste spat at me. “Yes I do,” I said. “No you don’t!” She yelled. “Yes, I do Celeste. I do,” I whispered and walked away.


I rushed over to Will’s house; I knew he had to be back from talking with my dad. I found him in his bathroom. “What did he say?” I asked in a worried tone. “Well he didn’t say no,” Will said and grabbed my hands. “I told him our plan and he said he would get back to me,” Will said. “I hope he says yes,” I squeaked. The anxiety was getting to me. “I’m sure he will,” Will stated and looked into my eyes.


We were so much in love. My dad had to say yes. He had to.


We didn’t have to wait to long for an answer. A week later dad bombarded me in my room for a talk. “Are you sure about this Brett? I know you are a smart girl who thinks things through. So I want to say yes. But you’re so young. You have your whole life ahead of you” He announced. “Dad, I’m sure. I have thought about all the options. It’s the best thing for me. I love Will and he can provide for me also. I want to go to college, I want to travel and I want to someday get out of this town. Most of all I want to be with someone I love forever.,” I said passionately.


“I think you should wait until you’re eighteen. Then do you want,” He said. “Dad please. I have never asked you for anything. I have spent my life taking care of you and Libby. Please,” I begged. “I’ll think about it,” He said sadly and walked out of my room.


“are you one hundred percent about this Brett?” Dad asked me the next morning while we cleaning. “yes,” I replied. “Then you have my blessing,” He said. “Thank you so much dad,” I cried and gave him a hug. “thank you”.


The next two months went by in a flash. Giselle came to the library a lot and helped me with the wedding planning. Will and I decided we wanted a very small guest list and Giselle was determined that everything else be big. I had to talk her out of a lot of extravagant things. “You never imagined your wedding when you were a child?” She asked me one night as I was putting away books. “Not really,” I thought out loud. “I’m don’t care so much about the wedding, I’m excited about our life afterwards,” I said to her with a smile.


With the end of school a week away I was working hard at the library, and studying whenever I had a chance. “Hey Brett,” Said Bobby. “Oh..hey,” I replied and stopped putting away books. “Workin hard,” He asked with a smirk. “Yep!” I shouted.


“Do you think you can get off early. We should get out of here,” He whispered in my ear. “Bobby, I told you Will and I are back together. I’m not interested in you like that, sorry,” I said. “I’m sure Will would love to hear what you were up to during your time off,” Bobby stated. “He already knows,” I lied. “Does he, well I guess that is a good thing for you then huh,” He said slyly and walked away.  I hadn’t told Will about making out with Bobby. I didn’t think I needed to, we were broken up at the time. I had let the Celeste incident go, no more questions. He didn’t need to know.


The day of the wedding came fast. It was an hour before the ceremony was set to start and Will was nowhere to be found. My stomach was in knots.


“Brett!,” I heard Will shout from behind me. He was here. It was all okay. Giselle walked around with a clip board, checking things off and making sure things were perfect. But I didn’t care, Will was here. Everything would be perfect.


And it was. In front of a small group of family and friends Will and I became husband and wife.




“Are you happy?” I asked Will after the ceremony. “extremely” he replied with a smile.

Will’s Point of View


“Why don’t you sit down, I’m going out front to meet Giselle” I said. “In my haste to get us to our honeymoon I forgot my wallet,” I lied to Brett. I hadn’t forgotten my wallet. My cards were not working for some reason.

Will’s Point Of View


“Thanks for coming. You brought the money right?” I asked Giselle.  “Yea, here you go,” She said and handing me cash. “Will I know why you cards aren’t working,” She began. “Mom and dad know about the wedding. They froze all your accounts,” She said delicately. “What? How? Did you tell them?” I yelled. “No, no I didn’t tell them. I saw them talking to the Harts when I got home. Then they were looking at your transaction history and asking me all these questions. Did you tell Celeste?” Giselle asked. “No! well not really. I guess I may have hinted at it. Oh god!”

Will’s Point of View


“What am I going to do?” I asked my sister. “Your going to have a wonderful honeymoon and you’re going to decide with Brett what to do. There are no secrets in marriage,” She replied.